Thursday, October 12, 2017

Great Wednesday

Jack's birthday
Played golf with Richie Policastro, Dr Sharma, and AP just fun but a little bit slow. Played okay did have a 46 on the back with a quad. Hitting mid and short irons better. Putted very well, I am happy with my game and pain free. Still get tired but that's good, need to build up stamina.

Came home for dinner with Jack and to sing Happy Birthday. Rae and I gave him his birthday present.

Went back to club spoke to Jack Timko about total reinstatement. Jack used a broad brush with no specific dollar amounts. Then added that nothing would be effective until November 1. 

Nick P spouted his thoughts about how the club should be run. He has an agenda not sure it serves the greater good. I understand his position and am sympathetic but don't see any specific solutions.

Played gin with Steve Orlando, Gil, Poli, and Adam. Won a few bucks. 

Came home showered and hit the sack.
What a great day.

Need to call Dr Spiler need written directions as to how Rae should be taking her meds

"Live long and prosper"

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