Sunday, January 28, 2018

Blue monday

Both PT and OT counselor said she did well. Her appetite is back and the lasic dosage has been corrected. 
The progress is slow which bothers me. I am afraid that I will not be able to keep her motivated when she gets home and will regress. 
Been keeping up at the gym but am not sure why I keep missing things on my calendar, wondering if I should start using alarm functions

It's Sunday morning absolutely great work out at gym. Getting pain in front portion of left knee. Not sure but think the walking on the rehab hall has something to do with it. 
Think she is making progress, plus now has come to the realization that she is not the aide's only charge. She also has changed her opinion on Gracie who she didn't like to now her best buddy ( I had to bring Grace chocolate candies yesterday). 
She did her menu for the week now wants a copy so she can check on it.

Brought Vaccaro pastries and donuts a very big hit on Friday. 

I don't think I want to be a burden in my later stages. Hopefully I will just go quickly and peacefully, it's too depressing to watch. 

Wednesday night went out to dinner with doc and Gil to Taramina very nice. 

Need to get her out of the wheelchair and walking to the day room. This will be the challenge for the week. 

Michelle the aide last night told her she should be able to get out of bed by herself. 

"Live long and prosper"

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Finally Friday

Great gym workout
D'TALIA for lunch
At Roosevelt rehab for a 2pm meeting with the exit counselor
Rae is a very demanding patient will do as little as you let her. You need to force her to do things
After looking at Woodbridge hills I need to give it serious consideration. 

"Live long and prosper"

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fw: FW: Sign above the Urinal at the Golf Course Men's Locker Room

Pitchers and catchers will be reporting in 25 days a sure sign of spring

Ash Wednesday, St. Pats, and the Masters will be here before we know it

I have not been impressed by the new chef, I would guess the jury is still out. The test has  been a short one but I need to see more.

Member are the life blood of any club, history teaches us that 10 - 15% turnover is not unusual no matter how it happens so every spring we need to recover what natural attrition does plus more. Not an easy task with the competition for the disposable dollar that is available. 

Generating a revenue neutral budget with a membership that is a moving number no easy task. Good luck guys 

"Success is a life long journey not a destination"



Thursday, January 18, 2018


At the gym and phone rang: Rae complaining about the lack of attention she is getting. I tried to explain that she is one of many and has to try and help herself. Wrong tactics and comments 
Going to bank, Edison family restaurant, acme and Roosevelt rehab facility. 

Lunch beef barley soup meatloaf, well done French fries, green beans and seltzer. 

Acme South Plainfield is closed, had to go to ShopRite, got Rae Snapple diet peach tea.

Saw nurse Maria she said weight down a few more pounds. 

Put her on her iPad

210 she went to PT

Isabelle and Jack won their age group foul shooting at SJV event run by knights of Columbus, Joseph came in second in his age group.
Thursday went to gym, looked at Woodbridge hills a 55 and over community. I liked it not sure Rae will ever move.
Watched her at rehab, progressing. Met with social worker and tomorrow will meet with the discharge counselor. Going to wake for Joyce Linda Miller sister

"Live long and prosper"

Thursday, January 11, 2018


10 days of hospital for Rae finally moving to rehab. A new chapter, their goal is to have her get out of bed and walk to bathroom on her own. I hope that they are successful

The epiphany what a great day so far. Boys won there basketball game ( Jack game winner), Rae going for evaluation ot and PT ( fratterolos Joe, Jen and Jess visited). So far so good.

Isabelle's BB team did well on Sunday
Monday she went to rehab two sessions. 

I brought her two white castles no pickles. I really hope that the rehab works

Sitting here Sunday watching football I realized how much she needs me. I just hope I can hold up my end of the bargain

Had lunch at D'talia saw Chris, had cheese steak sandwich left a quarter of it.  I feel stuffed, need to eat less of the French fries lol.

Watched her at rehab she looks so weak.

Wednesday  I am going to play cards at Joey D house, she keeps asking if I am really going. 

Great gym day, Maria is sending me the contact info for women who took care of her mother, $20 per hour but will shower her and keep the house clean. Will do what you need done. All cash

"Live long and prosper"

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Happy new year
At JFK for nyeve 
Gym this morning wasn't very full but saw a couple of regulars.
Brought a Panera bagel pack to the nurses, really a great value. I think they enjoyed it

Rae's nurse said her leg wound was still draining. She said no Dr have been in today. I asked specifically about Dr Shah, I didn't see him yesterday, nurse said his daughter may have been here as she is also his associates.

Liver specialist was in she has a fatty liver which needs to be addressed but not a major concern as of now. 

She ordered umami chicken for lunch. Oriental flavor plus potato soup. Seems to be enjoying it.

Stayed until 830, really cold weather. Stopped at DD for coffee

Tried to watch football but too nervous about Rae. Lasic dosage not right, she is healing but other things are popping up.

Tuesday morning spoke to Dr Sharma and Dr Wilkes office. Wilkes will call Sharma. Lasic dosage finally back to correct dosage. 

Spoke to infectious specialist Dr Shah she said that the culture showed MSSA but the type that can be dealt with by oral antibiotics. Good news

Went to sansone Hyundai, I have decided to just pay off the loan. The move to td bank really pissed me off. As soon as I get the title I will be happy

"Live long and prosper"
Serge pop