Monday, August 28, 2017


Day one sailed late from NY, Rae hurts leg with scooter in bathroom
Day two
Gym with Adelina and Isabelle did 10 minutes on recumbent bike
Texas Holdem tournament, lost
Great show Motown special. Isabelle won $400 playing bingo
Adelina and I went to gym, 15 minutes getting stronger
Day three. Very upbeat Latin show
Had a massage, 50 wonderful minutes
Lots of very big people on the boat
Three days at sea, maybe too much
Day four  first port, may venture off boat after the rush Amber Cove.  Geneen still hurting.Rae  back at medical center waiting for Dr. Never ending saga. My family maybe too fragile for cruising. Dr wants to see her every day. Sugar numbers are high. Leg infected antibiotic required.
The timing off boat very strange. Land at 10 back by 4
Grad Turk today, Rae has to go back to the doctor today. Everyone is up early breakfast packed. Think I will go to gym and relax. Saw Marinello's at Havana Cafe. Adelina so helpful, Isabelle so grouchy. Had pasta for lunch, diet shot. At medical center with Rae, daily check up. Color of leg much better.
Grant and kids going to camp. Magic show then run. Long day
Towel display at pool this morning, two huge Crocs. Lots of work. Going to the gym. 30 minutes on recumbent bike, yes.
Breakfast in Havana Cafe, Marinello plus Sergio going to private island. Should be a quite day aboard the Sunshine.
Johnson string bag came in handy to save table everyday.
At medical center for daily visit, maybe we will be able to skip tomorrow. I doubt it but sometimes you get lucky. Geneen is here also, hoping for something to help her back pain. Lamb for dinner. Lj participate in show. Seems we will argue about anything, so stupid. Mostly it's who really cares except for the need to be right
Saw Nelson first thing, went to gym 30 minutes at level 4, signed up for message tomorrow morning. Feeling lousy, eating too much and too many high calorie carbs. Family breakfast still ate bad stuff. Going to try Texas Holdem tournament again. Three people left all even get king Jack suited, call a raise. Flop king Jack Queen I check he bets I raise all in he has king Queen and the rest is history
Fighting is too much for me to handle, too many days

Grey day at sea, pictures went well. Bought Rae, Lisajoy and geneen pocketbook Mike Coors
Sunday last sea day. It's snotty four - 6 ft swells. Going to gym and then massage. Wow over 30 minutes at level 5, boat is rocking. Massage was awesome, need find one close to home.
Exchanged Rae's bag of course
Rough seas.Rae seasick. Decent lunch, geneen came down. Going to medical facility to change dressing. Rae seasick at dinner so appropriate for this vacation. Packed bags in the hall waiting for pickup. Now just plain waiting with everyone else. Think carnival needs to rethink how they disembark handicap. An hour waiting so far, really a very bad system
We are home. Not a good vacation lol
"Success is a journey not a destination

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Last day before cruise spent trying to tie loose ends.


Had breakfast with 8pack Jack – Pork roll, egg, cheese on a hard roll. Outstanding


All packed and waiting to get started.


I hope we have a fun time. Limited mobility is always an issue.


Thank god for Adelina she has been such a help. She packed, labeled, and consolidated so many things.


Isabelle has disappeared, she is no where to be found.


J5 and Joseph have been in and out, too much energy


Geneen is having back issues. Hoping Kneller kids have fun


LJ has stomach issues


We are a family of physical wrecks


Rae says she is packed, usually over packs


LJ suggested keeping and labeling her personal supplies in their original shipping boxes. Great idea


Fun cruise is all I can hope for.


I will be back in a week


"Success is a journey not a destination"



Saturday, August 19, 2017

Busy Friday

Rehab first thing, Mario pushed me hard


"Kids in the Park" saw Isabelle and Joseph in the background Adelina a performance of Mulan – with a lot of poetic license


Then Friday lunch at D'TALIA


Adelina is getting so grown up, she helped me pack my stuff.


I am just about set to go cruising.


Haven't heard fro Kneller's. I am sure they are packing away.


A week away from the Mets will be good for me, they traded away another starter last night. What a disappointing years, one which started with high hopes.




"Success is a journey not a destination"



Friday, August 18, 2017

lazy day

Got a lot done on the home front but not too much on the rehab


Straightened out some accounting stuff at Ralph's office


Went to Tarantella's for lunch, think I was over charged but lunch was good. Pasta bolognaise


Got B12 shot plus motion patch script from Dr. Sharma's office.


Rechecked my weight 250, getting thinner lol


Tomorrow will be tough. Rehab early, kids in the park ( Rae thinks it would be a bad reflection on her if I go with walker and she doesn't – could be a major fight).


Feel bad for Joe, has a lot of work issues. Cruise is not at a good time for him.


LJ's stomach a major concern but both Fratterolo and Germinario have serious stubborn streak


Geneen concerned about her leg and back pain, told her both could be weight related. Not answer she expected from me.


Took one walk but only past Marinello house


Adelina came over and helped Rae which was nice


Picked up script from CVS


Mets lost 4 in a row to Yankees


"Success is a journey not a destination"



Thursday, August 17, 2017


Long day:

PT was really tough but rewarding

Lunch an adventure as always, traffic and decisions not easy

Aunt Joanne and Nephew Joseph visited, of course they were late. Joseph called Rae's cell which she never checks. Short visit because I had arranged a ride to the club.


Gil Iberia picked me up and took me to MGCC, amazing how helpless you feel in the back seat of a mini van


Good seeing the guys


Saw the doc he wants me to stop at his office for a b12 shot.


LJ took Rae to Walmart, she loves that store


"Success is a journey not a destination"



Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Did something yesterday that I haven't done since early high school. I bought and fit in to XL shirts and shorts. The really funny thing was there was black shorts they only had in 2xl. Too funny

"Success is a journey not a destination"

new day

Tuesday was a pretty good day


Went to Dr. Jose I – my kidney doc, all good report. He is so efficient. Gave me script for 6 months for blood work, copy of everything for Dr. Sharma


Lunch at Brick diner – pastrami with swiss cheese. Saved half for dinner. Stuffed pepper for Rae


Adelina came over and we registered for cruise on line. She picked up on the fact that the Sunshine was the ship that Rae and I sailed around Italy. Maybe a refurbished Sunshine?


After dinner walked to Lucas house all uphill not too easy. Jack walked back with me. Jack brought up garbage can.


Watched Mets lose again, not easy to do.


Joe D called wanted to know if I wanted to play cards at his house. Loop and Rajiv checked in on me. Think I will ask Gil if he can drive me to the club tonight.


Pretty positive day



"Success is a journey not a destination"



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

new day

Just don't remember rehab being this tough last time. It was 20 years ago but just must have blocked it out. Glad we chose RWJohnsen Rahway for it. Mario my slave driver has a passion and an explanation. I said that at Clark I worked with lite weights, his response was that is an older PT method, new method more reps to rebuild muscle memory.


He does believe in icing, last 8-9 minutes always under ice. Reduces swelling and promotes healing. He checked incision for infection and healing progress. Keeps reminding me about my protocols when out of the building.


He also strives to transition from walker to walking with little or no cane. Cane encourages a limp which is a hard habit to break. I can see that happening.


Inside of a week to sail date, nervous absolutely but really looking forward to it. My grandkids all different but all seemed to enjoy the cruise last year.


"Success is a journey not a destination"



Monday, August 14, 2017

one week

Next week we will be cruising, excited and nervous.


Rehab Monday, Thursday and Friday – PT progress is so important


Very busy week


Did some walking, recommended stretches but still get tired quickly


"Success is a journey not a destination"



Sunday, August 13, 2017


Walked up Stafford Rd with Adelina. Did some stretching exercises as recommended. Miss PT need more direction.

One week to the cruise, getting nervous but should be fine.

Rae class event finally arrived and was a success. Not sure how we all survived.

Will try to walk more today. Getting physical is the key to getting better.

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Saturday, August 12, 2017

another day

Glad I chose RWJohnsen for the rehab, seem concerned and dedicated and they worked me really hard yesterday.


Saw Stu Szycher yesterday at lunch. Stu looks great replacement heart seems to be working out, had hip replaced this year too boot, he is going to play St. Andrews ( Scotland ) later this year. Living life to the fullest.


Finally, Rae's class 70th birthday event is today. This has been center stage in her world for the past few weeks.




"Success is a journey not a destination"



Friday, August 11, 2017


Busy day:


LabCorp – blood test for dr. Igles appointment next Tuesday


Visited RWJ Rahway to inspect PT facility, when they said they have a shuttle. The deal was sealed


Lunch Wendy's 4 for 4, like Burger King much better but you can't beat the price


Went to PT first session, a little nervous at first but comfortable by the session end. Next session this morning


Went on run with Joe and boys


Watched Bend it like Becham, league of their own and trading places. All happy ending movies, need to be positive and happy.


Weekly lunch today at D'TALIA high school buddy Stu will be there should be fun




"Success is a journey not a destination"



Thursday, August 10, 2017

Chef Oliver

 Just heard that Chef Oliver Peters is leaving MGCC.

I was on the board when Chef Oliver was hired. The three people who had the most influence in the hiring were ( as I recall) George Keelty - house chair, President of MGCC at the time Dave Campion and Dr. Madho Sharma.

Being a chef at a country club with its limited membership might be the toughest job, try making everyone happy nearly impossible.God knows he tried.
Oliver ran events with a passion 

Oktoberfest , MGCC Invitational, One Day Member Guests, Surf and Turfs, Thanksgiving dinners, Holiday Events ( Halloween a family favorite), Year end brunches,  and parties - Oliver always present. Most memorable has to be the MGCC Centennial - Packed house, using the total facility (Pool area for cocktails, transition to dinning area, keeping everything moving what a great job. 

A job too demanding - food too hot, too cold. Not seasoned correctly. hiring staff, training and discipline doing the total package. 

I truly wish you the best in the future and hopefully a long and prosperous life. 

Thank you for the memories. 


Small things are so important. Took a shower without help, dressed by myself ( I may have broken grabber), taking meds, brushing my teeth and then shaving.
I am on the road to recovery

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Being home

Boy is it quiet, no roommate with oxygen generator, no hall noise, and no button to summon help. Almost scary

Being home is nice but a little unsettling, at the meeting I pushed and got early release. Maybe they were right two more days might have been better.

Today going to LabCorp and setting up PT at a facility.

What a pleasant surprise Lisajoy had my flex detailed. Car is so clean, thanks

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


We are homeward bound to day. Suctures are out, surgeon pleased, cleared for cruise. A clear path to recovery.
Now the hard part convincing my wife to get serious about selling the house and jettisoning all the emotional baggage.

That's another story, let's celebrate going home

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Bp, oxygen, sugar numbers all good. Excited to see Dr. Closkey and get clearance to go home.

Now the battle for Independence begins. Navigate with the aids, little things like going to bathroom getting dressed, answering the front door. All things we take for granted.

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Monday, August 7, 2017


Big day to see if I can get in and out of cars for transport. If I pass tomorrow to Dr Closkey for sucture removal, and home hopefully on Wednesday.

I have high confidence

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Must really getting better sleeping in micro bursts of about 40 minutes each. Been awake since 445. Can't wait to escape Clark rehabilitation. Lol

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Did you see the show mother nature put on this morning? Thunder, flashing lightening, and heavy rain.

She is one impressive lady but don't get her mad.

Tough night at rehab, Oscar had a slight incident so lots of activities. Guess when you're 98 no such thing as slight. It's 530 and all seems to be returning to normal

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Friday, August 4, 2017

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sergio germinario: Must be getting better. Nurse had to wake me up for vital signs. One I was sleeping through a very nasty thunderstorms
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Thursday, August 3, 2017


Must be getting better department:
Oscar my roommate (98) told me this morning I was snoring last night. He is very hard of hearing lol

Thought I would have a shower yesterday but they want Dr to look at incision

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What a day

Okay, discharge next week, meeting with the team all positive doing fine, call orthopedic have appointments set to remove staples, Gary Miller stopped for a visit, Rajiv and Ritu  stopped, Rae cousins Thersa and Angie stopped, Rae was here too. It might be raining outside but all happy and sunny in my world. Lisajoy of course orchestrated moves staff meeting and moving Rae

"Success is a journey not a destination"

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I know I am right of center. My roommate has CNN Blitzer on I find him totally vindictive against Trump.  I don't find him credible or entertaining

"Success is a journey not a destination"


It's a week since the operation, getting stronger every day.

In that short time I have met many caregivers and will meet more. Two of my nurses work permanent night shifts, maybe not traditional 8 hour but 12 hour shifts just to avoid the high cost of day care. Both seem nice and very efficient but are committed to family and family finances.

I think it validates the human spirit that you do what you have to do to protect and provide for your family.

I love the effort and tenacity

"Success is a journey not a destination"