Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Decent work out a lot of streching at retro

Merrill Park swung golf club it was cold

Lincoln loaner car is nice but not sure it's me

Came home told Rae that I am meeting Frank Gaggione at j and g Texas weiners for lunch. Its not fair, its Halloween, on and on

Great hotdogs with mustard and chillies, Rae calls wants me to bring her one home

Frank looks good, we flip for lunch I bought

Came home moved boxes into garage, Rae is anxious about having proper amount of candy.
Text from geneen Raeanna sent to principle, not sure why

SJV night at d'talia got take out, too much food today

World series game 6 tonight

"Live long and prosper"

Blue Mondays

Fats Domino's Blue Monday a classic, fats passed away last week. He was a great rock and roll legend

Retro was okay, not my best

Dr. Taylor streching me out to the point it hurt. 

Great lunch from sandwich station, grilled cheese, tomatoes, and bacon it was outstanding. Saw Gary from Lee's auto body getting lunch also

Walmart Edison for Rae 

Metuchen library for an hour, parking lot is small but nice place and people

2.5 hrs for Rae to shop

Spoke to Paul from George Wall he will drop off a Lincoln to test drive

Can't believe the Dodgers loss last night
Monday night football should be a good game, think the Chiefs will win
I need to leave flex with keys on driveway

"Live long and prosper"

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rainy Sunday

Went to MGCC no one there too much rain in the forecast.
Had coffee spoke to Donna she loved the costumes we wore to Halloween party.

Went to gym good work out. BS with the guys about football

Came home Rae not in a good mood. 
Burger King for lunch

Just spent the day on my chair, what a wasted day

Football games were okay

World Series is a little bit better still fell asleep before game ended

"Live long and prosper"

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween party

Going to the Halloween party at MGCC today, always fun. Geneen and Lisajoy are dressing the grandkids, Rae and I. Snow White and the seven dwarfs. https://goo.gl/search/Snow+White+and+the+Seven+Dwarfs
🎥 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Gym time great workout 20 on bike, 10 on treadmill ( very boring), stretching, and seated leg curls. Now to Merrill to swing a golf club. 

Fall golf is the best

Got a letter from MGCC president John Gorman, things may be a lot worse for the finances then I believed.

Halloween party was a fun time. Thanks to my daughters who take the costume preparation very seriously.

Went to Galaxy diner for something lite, can't beat pork roll sandwich. Waitress was nice but not a very happy lady. 

Again fell asleep watching world series

"Live long and prosper"

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Went to gym, lite workout mostly stretching. 

Playing golf at Suburban today.

Spoke to Barry from gym he is home and feeling better but still sore from operation.

Jim Cramer of CNBC just said he thinks MSFT will go to 100 by the end of 2018 because of the monetary development of Linkin.

Played golf at suburban with John Denoia, Rajiv Sharma, and Uday Shah just a great day. Suburban is in good shape not as good as MGCC. It just is a harder course. The ratings are about the same but the greens have so many level changes that you need to place the ball or you will three putt a lot. It's also a par 71 which effects the course ratings. Hole to hole it's just tougher. 

Had pizza for dinner next door.

Jack is an interesting kid, has a million questions about WWII.

Taking Rae shopping

Really tired falling asleep watching baseball.

"Live long and prosper"

Friday, October 27, 2017

Tires Thursday

Went to Marvis tire store on St George's Ave low tire pressure light on. Nails in tires need two new tires, they are ordering them. I have insurance which cost $20 per tire but well worth it. 

Went to gym, really good work out. 

Rae wants d'talia for lunch

Met Phyllis Lucas plus Caren Ukrin and her mother at lunch. Rae checks the menu and I brought home chicken dish for her.

Tires are in, need to be  installed by 2 so I will have to  rush  home Rae wants to go for her hair today. Shooting for 230.

Tire came in about 1, cost me $52 total, the insurance is well worth it. 

Playing suburban tomorrow with George, Rajiv and Uday should be fun.

Rae getting hair done at 630. Not sure why so late

George just called and can't play, but we can still go. Called John Denoia who will fill in.

Lots of rumblings at MGCC small rebellion in the works following the open meeting from last week. Bunch of guys talking about leaving, been exposed to this before at Colonia, not a good thing.

Hope John Gorman the MGCC president recognizes what is happening and makes at least an appeal for calm and unity. Problem is certain board members really believe that they know best and are very arrogant and pompous about it. 

Picked up girls, CVS and DD with Joe. He mentioned that he will be moving to new apartments in avenel.

Thursday night football game is really bad Ravens vs dolphins. 

"Live long and prosper"

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday

Gym just did some stretching
Visited the Central Ave house, rough in and out for Rae.
Lots of changes not sure that the capital outlay will give sufficient return

Played Rutgers with Joey D, Rajiv, and Uday, nice course won a few bucks. 

Dinner with the guys at MGCC, it isn't very interesting. Just boring same every week

Played gin at Uday's house because he has exceeded his guest visits. For a club that needs revenue seems silly. 

Low tire pressure light on will go to Mavis tire in the AM

Fell asleep watching baseball. Oops Dodgers loss it was 3-1 and done when I fell asleep. Never over until it's over. 

"Live long and prosper"

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wacky Tuesday

Retro good work out

Unity bank had to put Carnival letter in safety deposit box.

Linden library donated six Harry Potter books from Geneen's room. Went through all the mail. Wells Fargo made a deposit

D'TALIA for lunch, Rae saw the talapia brochetta on special.

Put up curtains upstairs. 
Took Rae to Walmart linden. No carts moved to Walmart Woodbridge. Left for galloping hills and hit a small bucket of balls

Spoke to Craig he will be back to gym tomorrow. Spoke to Barry's wife he is still in hospital. Hopefully will be discharged tomorrow.

Dodgers won a good game and pretty quick to.

Looks like the Marinello's will be here soon. 

Took six dresses from computer room closet to good will bin

"Live long and prosper"

Monday, October 23, 2017

New week

Good Monday morning
Retro empty, not sure why
Going to pach, Dr Taylor is back, Yes rough and ready. She stretched my hamstrings to a point I can't believe. She's a very strong person
Thinking of playing golf on Friday if weather holds up. Halloween party at MGCC this Saturday morning.

Sandwich station for sub
Dr Inverno's office had to wait over an hour, eye exam went well. No change in my eyes. Keeping same glasses.
Just took a long time

Had leftover over turkey sloppy joe very nice sandwich, great macaroni salad.

Rae is too funny, she talks a great game about moving on the phone. I know we will never move from this house. 

Told her I am playing golf on Friday and she should get her hair done either early morning Friday or Thursday. This is a problem because ......... She knows

Eagles vs Redskins don't like either team, Giants are done. 

Basketball starts soon LoL

"Live long and prosper"

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sandy's wedding day

Woke up getting ready to go to gym a text from nephew Jon just landed do you want to go out for coffee. 8 am we go to DD and just talk. Guess Meg's eye is really bad. Jonathan looks great. He is taking Volvo to belmar.

Good work out retro, Merrill Park swung golf club. 

Dawali is a multiple day celebration, lots of fireworks on oak tree road last night. 

Came home and just chilling until lunch, planning to leave for church about 130

Church was nice. Bride very pretty. 

Need to kill a bit of time before reception. 
Stop at rite aid, Rae leg bleeding. Lj goes in buys new knee highs and band-aid.

Sit in Bella's driveway and just relax. Did I mention that the weather is spectacular for October.

Breakers very nice in a traditional way. Handicap accessible but through downstairs. More walking, feet hurt, wearing different shoes forgot about my inserts. Rae's dress pretty both girls look very nice. My suit too big. Cocktail party fine, reception fine, nice seeing all cousins. 

All azzolini cousins in attendance except Meg she is still recovering from eye surgery and subsequent eye issues. 

Home around midnight, a very long day. 

"Live long and prosper"

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Woke up with the blahs, ladies at 7-11 noticed and worked to make me laugh.

Great workout I feel so much better. 

Spoke to Craig his back still giving him trouble. Spoke to Barry's wife still in ICU will move today. Said procedure went well. 

Lunch at D'TAILIA must be Friday. Eggplant sandwich with a garden salad. Heard from Joe that the MGCC open meeting was very contentious.

MGCC main issue seems to be access to the bond holders grill by women. No clear cut answer, the language is a bit blue. Limiting access based on gender in this day and age might not work. May gender specific bars makes sense. 

Brought lunch home to Rae, mailed letters, took her for hair.
Gary came over moved ac unit from LJ room and patched

Took Jack to baseball practice. 
Watching Yankees vs Houston. Verlander is pitching an awesome game. 

DD run with a stop at CVS. A pretty good day

"Live long and prosper"

Friday, October 20, 2017

Open meeting

Not best workout at retro, just tired.
Merrill Park swing golf club 20 times

Open and election meeting at MGCC to night. Good luck to JT a very smart guy

Lunch at Menlo Diner it is a decent meal at decent price, service today was decent today usually it's sketchy. 

Watching baseball Dodgers going to the world series.

JT and Blum new additions to the MGCC board. 
BOS only incumbent to lose, thanks for the service best guess over 10 years on board, members just looking for a change.

"Live long and prosper"

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Had a great workout today feels really great.

Going to MGCC with clothes that I don't need or wear. The greens crew take everything, they work outside with multiple types of machines all of which use different oily liquids which stain and ruin clothes. They work in all weather and temperatures, these are tough guys

Merrill Park swung golf club, hope to extend my swing.

At MGCC with doc, Poli and Fred Carpine see pic

Gin with Gil and Steve. Doc and Poli joined us. 

Sat down with Jack Timko about changing membership category back to senior golfer.

Had the salad bar for dinner. Watched some baseball, Yankees looking good

Happy Dawali 

"Live long and prosper"

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Retro saw the guys. Barry going for surgery Thursday, Craig hurt his back but Bob and I are okay lol
Went to Merrill Park swung club 
Came home Rae needs to go to Walmart Edison. Burger King for lunch. 
Went to Edison audio trying to get a quote to repair flex rear camera.
Had 711 coffee while waiting.
Over two hours sitting in parking lot
Came home to hear complaining that there's no tape in the house. 
Picked up boys at sjv took Isabelle to dance. 
CVS texted her script is ready
Think I will have an English muffin for dinner. Told her not to get Swiss cheese from Walmart, I don't like it. I'LL go tomorrow and get finlandia which I like
She is crazy trying to package a jacket for LJ to ship. 
Sent Jack Timko an email stating that I feel deal offer is not fair and that I would remain social member until next March.

"Live long and prosper"

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What a day

After pahc with Dr Taylor came home. Got ready to take Rae to Retina specialist over by JFK. Dr Fine said she is stable and will send a note to Dr Inverno.

Then got flowers went to cemetery it her parents anniversary and her brother Matty's birthday. 

Home took girls to dance than a Vernon Fowler fun raiser at D'tailia. Kneller's joined us for dinner.

Run coffee at DD, picked up Isabelle. She asked for a donut, didn't get her one past two times she didn't eat them. I can't win

Going home to watch baseball

Yankees winning by 8 think it is bed time.
"Live long and prosper"

Monday, October 16, 2017


Dr. Taylor is back at pach, she was always good for me. Looking forward to seeing her today. 
Went to gym a bit late so only did half a workout. Hope to go back and finish this afternoon.
Diwali this week, Indian harvest festival. Already wished AP a happy holiday. 
Dr Taylor not as hard on me as expected. She did strech my hamstrings, felt great. Rae trying to empty stuff, mine gets thrown out quicker than hers lol
She has an eye appointment this afternoon

"Live long and prosper"

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Jack's family party

Woke up at 530, really zonked out. Dressed long sleeve for golf with Rajiv, JT, and loop. It's my third time playing at MGCC since my operation. Played okay but still tired.
Home for a shower then Jack's birthday party for family at bertucci. 
Alicia is our waitress she did a great job
Saw fratterolos, Marinello's, Johanna and her husband. It's was a fun party.

Ate too much 3 rolls, small salad and two slices of pizza. Peanut butter was the desert theme. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Kids made their own pizza. Just an outstanding day

Now it's Giants verses the Broncos. Have mixed emotions. Can't root for the Giants to loose. Not happy with the head coach.

"Live long and prosper"


                Diwali is a harvest festival like many other Indian Holidays.
Diwali Is celebrated because Lord Rama, King of Ayodhya, his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya after a 14 year exile. They had fought a war in which he killed the demon king Ravana.
The people of Ayodhya lit diyas or oil lamps in rows. 

Happy Holiday:

This year it celebrated on 10/19

Halloween Party will be here soon, family fun time 

Open meeting for MGCC

Does MGCC charge a trail fee for walkers? Should one be charged? 


" life has an expiration date, live it to the fullest"

Friday, October 13, 2017

Another day

Woke up tired, this is a good thing.
Retro really empty today, weather might have something to do with it. It's one of those nasty ugly days.
Good work out, saw Barry 
Lunch at D'talia (surprise) had chicken marsala wrap with side salad iceberg lettuce, great lunch. Wrap was delicious. 
Listening to President Trump's about Iran, they are bad people
Took Rae for her hair, picked up Adelina from Mother Seton, she visited it for a day. Exciting being an 8th grader. She seem to like it. 
Took Rae to Walmart, linden. Went to MGCC to pickup my clubs, playing away tomorrow with loop, Joey D and Rajiv
Watching baseball game, maybe I will go grab a cup of coffee. 
Joe is at birthday party with the boys. 

Called a repair shop in Edison, said they will need to see the flex so they can give me a price to repair or replace rear camera
Went to 7-11 for coffee 
English muffin makes a great dinner, just not hungry

"Live long and prosper"


Gym work out pretty good, Merrill park swung golf club
Called Dr Spiler office and went over Rae's meds and explained the Tuesday incident. 
Spiler office said that she should take lantus in morning before breakfast. Take other injection after testing. If test number is under 100 no additional shot needed at that time. Not to take more than 5 units of the novalog, which is way different than up to 13 that she has been taking
11 left for Dr Wilkes office Manhattan. Stopped at Wendy's picked up something quick. Arrived at 1245 via George Washington bridge, avoids most of midtown traffic for a 1 PM appointment. Waited saw Dr at 220, report mostly positive. Told him about Tuesday,Rae insisted she followed medicine protocols, Dr told her she could have made a mistake. She insists no. Moving forward he told her she needs to continue the water pills and to try to avoid salts. She said she never uses salt went on and on; then told the total cruise story. All told a positive report.
Drove home LJ has meetings missed Hoboken stop for pasta and mozzarella. Home safe. 
Had leftover pizza and salad for dinner. Watched baseball game and football games, no real rooting interest.

Not sure my life is interesting enough for a blog

"Live long and prosper"

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Great Wednesday

Jack's birthday
Played golf with Richie Policastro, Dr Sharma, and AP just fun but a little bit slow. Played okay did have a 46 on the back with a quad. Hitting mid and short irons better. Putted very well, I am happy with my game and pain free. Still get tired but that's good, need to build up stamina.

Came home for dinner with Jack and to sing Happy Birthday. Rae and I gave him his birthday present.

Went back to club spoke to Jack Timko about total reinstatement. Jack used a broad brush with no specific dollar amounts. Then added that nothing would be effective until November 1. 

Nick P spouted his thoughts about how the club should be run. He has an agenda not sure it serves the greater good. I understand his position and am sympathetic but don't see any specific solutions.

Played gin with Steve Orlando, Gil, Poli, and Adam. Won a few bucks. 

Came home showered and hit the sack.
What a great day.

Need to call Dr Spiler need written directions as to how Rae should be taking her meds

"Live long and prosper"

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday golf

Saw and wished Jack  happy birthday. Time is flying by

Gym lite work out, mostly stretching and a bit on treadmill. 
Playing golf today with the doc, need to speak about a home aid or nursing aid. Need to make sure Rae knows what she needs to do daily with meds
40% chance of rain

"Live long and prosper"

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Not my best workout, usual machine was busy so I changed my routine just had a hard time getting focused. Coffee from 711 is excellent. Going to Merrill park and swing a golf club. Maybe I will go to galloping hills later today and hit balls. Depends on Miss Daisy and which stores she wants. 
Went to Applebee's for lunch, Rae didn't look good. I asked her what her blood sugar was she said over 150. Got our salads she looked worse. I told her I was going to call 911, she said she was fine. Finished my salad she was having a hard time. I asked the waitress to call for an ambulance. Sugar 22 took her to rwjohnson rahway ER. Called Dr Sharma he spoke to Dr Davis of ER. Doing test and EKG case of extremely low blood sugar. 
I think she doesn't check as much as she should, also she is not comfortable with the change to take her shots in the morning instead of at night. She is always tired and falling asleep. Just not sure what to do.
They gave her juice, sandwich and a shot just to get level up
Level at 180 perfect because she ate within the past hour
Dr.davis says creatine a little bit high, but she is being released. Needs to check blood sugar more.
Dropped off stuff at sjv with Joe
Picking up girls at VF dancing school. 
Playing golf tomorrow with Dr Sharma, Poli, and AP

"Live long and prosper"

Monday, October 9, 2017

Columbus day

Yesterday was my first posted round in 5 months

Great workout at Retro, this morning

Merrill Park 20 swings, need to build up my strength.

Flex camera not working again guess I spoke too soon ( replacement camera about $800).

Made a golf date for Wednesday playing with Poli, Doc, AP and Me

Saturday playing Architect with Joe, Rajiv and Loop. I will be driving Joe and rajiv

LJ and I exchanged cars for the day

Went to burger king for lunch, all my coupons are in flex (lol). Had to pay full price, if Rae knew she will flip.

Noticed low tire pressure light, Joe and I took Lexus to station: all four tires were low.


I was just informed that we did nothing today because of me.

Drove Sergio to Hamilton forgot to take the mums out.

Terrible rain storm on the way back

Asked Rae to move wash to dryer and take out her pants, too busy with Christmas card orders

Tomorrow is her day, which means I will have to sit in the car two hours at Walmart

Went to DD, asked for AARP free donut, lady asked for my AARP card which I have in the car, no one ever asks lol

Thought that the Houston game and Cubs game were just fun baseball games to watch and enjoy




"Live life to the fullest, it does have an expiration date"


Sunday, October 8, 2017


Wow what a weekend
Saturday gym, Jack baseball, garage sale at LJ house. Went to dinner with family to Tony's

Sunday played 18 holes with Poli and Rajiv. Had a lot of fun, course is in excellent condition. I am really tired
Amazing we avoided the rain

Had soup and toast for lunch just not hungry.

Giants are so bad
Kneller's stopped in.
Rae and I had a discussion about how dirty the house is she is just crazy

Geneen asked if I could bring Sergio home tomorrow, didn't say yes. I will if I have nothing else to do
Have to go to pickup Isabelle.

Back to the gym tomorrow
Have a great Columbus Day
"Live long and prosper"

Friday, October 6, 2017

Orthopedic Thursday

Went to retro decent work out.
Merrill park swung a club about 20 times
Off to ocean orthopedic in toms River. Closkey gave me a good report, will need to maintain weight restrictions until next visit. Gave Isabelle his nursing assistant a DD gift card, she has been so nice and she always returns my phone calls
Had pizza locally for lunch one slice vegetarian and garlic knots very tasty
Stopped at outlets by exit 100, bought a winter base for under my pants just in case we play winter golf
Rae took Roseanne for lunch at Cass Guisppe said it was dear. LoL she loves Roseanne. 
Went to cemetery to finish, she got mums from home Depot. 
English muffin for dinner with a little Swiss cheese. 
Called in her script to Dr Sharma office, they messed it up need to follow up tomorrow.
Picked up girls from dance
Watched some baseball and football. Patriots got lucky Tampa kicker missed three field goals. 

"Live long and prosper"

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Steve O

Good gym workout

Maria my neighbor was at the gym. She actually graduated WHS with Rae's cousin Lois. Her brother in law Bob is getting a hip replaced next month. So she questioned me about rehab. So I expounded the virtues which I really believe in. She said Bob's surgeon told him there was no need for rehab out patient service and that he just has to start a walking program. I was shocked, not sure I could have made the progress I have  made based on that advise.


Rae and I had lunch just a salad and grill chees sandwich, plenty for me


Jack's bike arrived put it in the flex and took to Toys R Us for assembly. The people there were extremely helpful, will get it Friday or Saturday morning.


LJ's car was in an accident, no one hurt just the car had some damage.


Went to MGCC for cards and dinner with the guys. Pleasant surprise Steve Orlando showed up, he has been battling cancer second go round for the past six months. Steve looks gook, much better than I expected. He is still going through last rounds of chemo, he has the best out look on life. I wish him the best. Hope he doesn't spend my money that he won all in one place. Watched a little baseball, home by 930.


930 and I am beat


Going to Dr Closky tomorrow for final clearance. Rehab said to tell him that if he requires me to continue rehab that I have reached first plateau and that he will have to request it from Medicare. They seem to think that he will be pleased and that I am done.


"Live life to the fullest, it does have an expiration date"


Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Weather in our neck of the woods continues to be spectacular.

Really great work out at the gym

Barry a gym ate is going in for surgery in the next two weeks, has kidney stones which cannot pass. He has high confidence in his surgeon will be in hospital min of four days

Metuchen has a wonderful library, the parking sucks. The lot holds 7 cars plus one handicap spot. I ended up parking on the street. The employee parking lot had four empty spaces. Poor planning I think.
Walmart just two hours.
Went to cemetery put pots of mums on graves. They must have a new contractor place is cleaned up. Always cooler at the cemetery. 
Yankees win playoff game over twins. Watched NCIS new episode, amazing that after over a dozen years then can come up with new story lines. I do enjoy the show

" Life has an expiration date, live it to the fullest"

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

optimist outing

Went to the gym. Tread mill and all stretching

Played golf at Forrest Hills Field Club, Bloomfiled NJ. It was a scramble which I felt was a perfect format for a first day of golf. Not sure I contributed very much to the team.  What a beautiful day – mid 70's, no wind, sunny, outside and good friends

Played with Chris Spinello, Gary Loop and Joey D. Ended up with 5 birdies and one bogey – finished one shot out of the money. I really enjoyed the day, but I was exhausted.

Has a lite lunch but got hungry on the course, should have had a snack with me.

Gary won long drive for the over 60 group. He is such a good player

Nice dinner

Can't believe I didn't take a picture of the group to post.

I was thinking of playing Wednesday but think I need more cardio before a full round.


I got home, Joseph was walking Rae in from next door. He put out my garbage and said I love you Pop, the end to a perfect day.


Hit my chair and I was out




"Success is a journey not a destination"



Monday, October 2, 2017


Gym did 20 machine minutes, 10 on tread mill, lots of stretching

Just a lazy day

Watched a little football from London

LJ upset with open house in Rahway

Went to Hamilton for dinner. Geneen cooking.

Multi car accident on NJ Turnpike, between 9 – 8 took about 25 minutes from Exit 10 to past accident

Sat on deck, kids on trampoline

Had dinner watched some football, brought DD for desert

Long ride home having a harder time driving in the evening not sure how to avoid it

Giants loss again, think the coach maybe in trouble

Terry Collins resigns as Mets manager, tough but it may be time for a change

Am very excited about tomorrow, playing in a golf outing with Loop, Joe D and Chris Spinello!

9 o'clock and going to bed  



"Success is a journey not a destination"



Sunday, October 1, 2017


Went to gym decent work out, need to find a machine that will help stretch my hamstrings
Home then stopped by Jack's baseball game
Took Rae to avenue Linden
Store isn't too big but she still spent over an hour in it. There's a new massage envy next store. I wonder if it is coed?
Think I will go back to Jim Wolff he always did a decent job with the stretching. I will just tell him where closkey said to concentrate
Late dinner at Tony's, the tomato bread so tasty, pasta fagoli soup was good, the Alfredo sauce was okay, think Jack liked the meatballs. The mozzarella plater seemed bigger than normal
Toys R Us, picked out a bike for Jack's birthday. If you order it on line you save $30 but you need to return it to store for assembly. Can't drop ship it, so silly
DD on the way home, very long day

"Live long and prosper"