Saturday, December 30, 2017

Post Christmas

Rae in JFK
Went to see Ferdinand the bull with LJ, Joseph, Isabelle, Sergio, Raeanna and Jack. Very cute movie

At hospital with Rae, endocrinologist just checked her, spoke a little bit to the social worker, had a quick chat with Dr Shah - infectious specialist. He said make sure her bed at home has all clean bedding. Not clean linens is a breathing place for bacteria. The way she was oozing no way that the current sheets should stay there. Had a bowl of soup for lunch at 3
Boys have BB game tonight at St Stan sayreville.

Friday great gym workout

Went to hospital, Rae progressing
Gave Claudia the go ahead for Mommy room. Flipped mattress, told everyone to send out clothes for washing.
Lj ordered new pillows and bedding

Had lunch at d'talia it was Friday. Ran into a bunch of guys from MGCC including Dr Yaremczak.

Home for a bit
Back at hospital
Joey D keeps calling and asking Mommy's condition.

Lj, Isabelle, Vicky, Rose and Corrine all visited. 
Spoke to Dr Sharma and he says he is getting updates

She is back from MRI very groggy.

Geneen and I tried make her comfortable

Went home stopped for coffee
Isabelle won her game and she had a basket. 

"Live long and prosper"

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