Thursday, April 5, 2018


Tomorrow is one month that Rae passed. The past 100 days are a blur between JFK, JFK acute rehab, Roosevelt subacute rehab, coming home, her dying, funeral and everything else. 

I think that the masoleum choice was really good. Everything went smoothly think she would have been proud. Amazing number of people who attended the wake so nice. SJV did an exceptional job with the funeral mass plus the kids reading. All so perfect. Just never realized how much she needed me. 

I have so much time on my hands I just don't know what to do. Once I go for surgery and rehab I will be busier. So many people just call to check on me. I think I will be fine I have a great support group plus 7 grandkids. 

The support from my friends at Retro and MGCC has been so touching. Good friends are hard to find. Her classmates are so special and Gary Miller who came from Florida just to be here. Joey D calls me once a day to check on me. Dr. Sharma calls to make sure I am okay. Friends are so important.

 I thought I sent this out already

"Success is a life long journey not a destination"

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